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Integrated Marketing

Reaching customers through digital marketing has become more challenging than ever.

Businesses of all sizes are running digital ads on search engines and social media. This has resulted in a lot of digital noise. Cutting through the clutter and generating results for you or your clients is critical.

We often hear from our clients that they are running online ads, but they are not seeing good ROI. Worse is that the cost of ads have increased significantly recently.

Integrated Marketing
Integrated Marketing

The challenge with digital marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, there are endless options.
From top-of-funnel social media marketing on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to bottom-of-funnel Google ads, choosing a platform that will work for you is daunting.

In addition to the advertising platforms, there are multiple formats to consider. Do clients often ask if they should be creating long-form videos for YouTube or short-form for TikTok? Should they start a podcast or should they hire a photographer to do an Instagram photoshoot? This is enough to make your head spin!

When clients do see some results from digital, the quality of the leads are often less than ideal.
It’s no surprise that marketers are overwhelmed when it comes to finding a solution.

The surprising truth about direct mail

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Our approach to integrated marketing

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