What Are QR Codes, And Why Are They Useful in Marketing?

November 12, 2021
Digital Marketing
QR Codes

What Are QR Codes, And Why Are They Useful in Marketing?

QR stands for “Quick Response.” QR codes, despite their appearance, are capable of holding a large amount of data. However, regardless of how much information they include, when scanned, the QR code should allow the user to access information immediately — thus the name Quick Response code.

The first QR code technology was developed in 1994 by Denso Wave, a Toyota subsidiary. They needed a more precise method of tracking cars and parts during the production process. To achieve this, they developed a barcode capable of encoding kanji, kana, and alphanumeric characters.

How to create a QR code?

1) Select a QR code generator tool.

2) Choose the sort of QR code you want to make based on the information you want to communicate.

3) Generate and test the QR code.

4) Download your QR code in the format of your choice.

QR codes in Marketing Campaigns

By seamlessly integrating the real and digital worlds, QR codes have proven to be an efficient marketing campaign method. QR codes are a wonderful way to drive customers to a specific piece of information you want to communicate with them, from direct mail campaigns to mobile marketing initiatives.

QR codes, in essence, encourage connection and engagement via the mobile phone. Businesses can use this marketing tactic to transmit information to the user. Users are no longer interested in anything that is sluggish and time-consuming. It’s all about being quick and responsive, especially in the marketing business.

Here are some detailed strategies for maximizing QR codes in order to effectively assess the efficacy of your marketing campaign:

Scannable QR codes can take you to a registration page or any other landing page/website. This eliminates the need to go through the procedure of accessing the website and traversing the page. To correctly measure it, utilize a unique URL that corresponds to your QR code.

You will almost certainly engage and interact with a crowd during business conferences. If you utilize QR codes for your booth or station, potential business partners may simply scan the code to acquire your company information, such as your phone number.

This is effective since the user will only receive the message after scanning the QR code. SMS marketing gains the most from sending messages using QR codes.

QR codes for sending emails, can allow you to read and monitor data for newsletters, email marketing, and your email’s performance rates.

Visiting an address becomes so much easier by simply pulling out the phone and scanning the QR code on your website.

If a person like your product or service, they may follow you on social media for further information.

Businesses generally utilize QR codes for discounts and promotions, which is perhaps the most common way to use QR codes. The consumer can also obtain the receipt or menu on his phone by supplying a unique QR code.

Why is it critical to add a Call To Action (CTA) in your QR code?

Did you know that by 2022, 5.3 billion coupons will be redeemed by QR code? To ensure conversions, make sure your marketing strategy includes a compelling call to action (CTA). QR Codes with a call to action encourage customers to scan the QR Code. Customers know what to anticipate from the QR Code when marketing efforts include the appropriate CTA. Not only that, but it instills faith in the QR Code to be scanned, improving your click-through rate.

In conclusion, QR codes serve a wide range of sectors. Aside from saving time and energy, it also helps you to effectively measure your marketing effort because QR codes give the necessary data.

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