Use of Direct Mail to Attract, Acquire and Retain Customers

January 11, 2022
Direct Mail

Use of Direct Mail to Attract, Acquire and Retain Customers

Canadians have never been more connected to their homes – and there has never been a more personal and impactful way for your business to connect with customers than with direct mail.

Direct mail can be an effective tool to ramp up your marketing mix but, like all other marketing channels, you need to know how best to use it.

To help you connect with existing customers and top prospects, let KTS help you – with valuable attraction, acquisition and retention tips.

Learn how new and emerging data-driven insights help you reach the right audiences

Discover how to align direct mail with your brand and business objectives

Unlock the latest tools and technologies to meet your marketing challenges

Optimize your creative and message

Understand how to integrate and sequence physical and digital media

Find out how to amplify your campaign results

The home is now the central hub of our lives. Direct mail gives marketers the unique opportunity to connect meaningfully with Canadians where they live – where they make their important decisions. Get your message into the hands that matter most to your brand.

Canada Post has the data, insights and expertise to help you make it happen.