Online Marketing Tactics For Your Business

October 11, 2017
Digital Consultants
Online Marketing Tactics

Online Marketing Tactics For Your Business

Unless you’re a professional marketer, you probably don’t have hours each day to dedicate to promoting your business. That’s where we come in the picture to help you market your brand all over the digitized networks.

Here’s a list of effective online marketing tactics that shouldn’t take you more than about a minute each to complete.

Make your Content Shareworthy

Once you’ve developed a plan for the topics you intend to cover on a frequent basis, you must learn how to produce content that people would want to share. This, of course, differs for every industry, but there are proven techniques that can help start the sharing engine.

The most important element is value. Value is generally found in showing people how to do something they want to do, where to find resources that can make their life easier, and providing insight into an industry challenge or trend. It’s no secret that list posts, such as this one, draw more attention and shares. As part of the content mix, consider using video, audio, and striking images to attract more eyeballs and increase the number of shares.

Push Leads to Landing Pages

You must embrace the use of landing pages for all of your email marketing, advertising, and social outreach in your business industry. House your free content and promotional offers on highly optimized landing pages and use these pages to capture targeted leads and start the education and conversion process over and over.

Use Funnels to Measure and Drive Conversion

We all like to go for brands that are committed to excellence and perfection. When it comes to online marketing, it becomes very challenging for brands to make a sale by building trust in web visitors. By combining landing pages, offers, email marketing and follow-up to build on each stage, companies are trying hard to win the trust of their customers and also attract new prospects. Google Analytics allows you to build funnels that match your paths and score, and analyze each phase of the funnel so that you can understand not only the impact of each element, but your entire conversion system.

Test as Much as Possible

Testing is often an afterthought and that really is a shame. Businesses that get in the habit of testing everything, right from the beginning, have such a competitive advantage over those that leave everything to chance. Little tweaks to images, headlines, and call to action buttons can create massive swings in conversion, but only if you test one against another to see the results of a change.

We provide online marketing solutions all different types of businesses. If your business hasn’t been doing well online, you should get in touch with your digital marketing professionals.