Direct Mail Marketing - The Future of Modern Marketing Strategies

January 4, 2021
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Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Marketing - The Future of Modern Marketing Strategies

In recent times, it’s no secret that the world is growing even more digital, that nearly anything you do, handle, or enjoy can be done on the Internet.

Compared to the olden days, where tedious in-person measures were the norm for life and business operations, it seems like the tables have turned with digital means coming out on top. In the case of business owners operating in today’s times where opportunities are abundant, it is nearly inevitable to operate digitally for a wider range of operations!

You’re most likely familiar with how digital matters have become in recent years because of how essential it is to make the switch to more modern means of operation, regardless of what industry you’re in. You might also realize that most of your customers now interact with your business through their smartphones as they browse the web and view your products and services on a screen.

With all this digitization going on, it can be quite inevitable to think that traditional, paper-tarp-and-print means are meeting their end because billboards, flyers, and banners have turned into screens. Amid all the clicking, typing, swiping, and scrolling that’s going on in the modern world for consumers and businesses, there’s one form of traditional marketing that still remains supreme: direct mail.

What Is Direct Mail?

The best way to define direct mail is that it is a traditional print marketing method that delivers tangible ads directly to potential customers. Compared to e-mail marketing and social messaging, this form of traditional promotion heavily relies on the appeal of actual paper letters in mailboxes.

Beyond an "antique" or "dated" factor, however, direct mail has experienced quite the resurgence because the chances of being read are heightened due to the rarity of deliveries. This essentially means that recipients are bound to read messages sent through this method more than their emails because of how unique print and paper are today.

A Benefit as a Partner to Digital Marketing Efforts

A key factor that most people overlook or simply fail to understand about direct mail marketing campaigns is that they flourish best in this digital age when strategically paired with digital marketing tactics. Once you figure out the perfect blend and maximize KTS’ direct mail advertising services, you’re guaranteed to experience the following benefits:

1) Results Are Both Tangible and Measurable

One of the biggest advantages of using direct mail services like KTS’ is that you get to maximize your efforts by constantly tracking the results that you get from your efforts. Thanks to the power of action and the engagement that comes with receiving mail, it will be easy to see which leads come from such a strategy and gauge how your potential customers receive your measures!

2) Easier Conversion and Engagement

As mentioned, one of the most special parts of direct mail marketing is that it gains more engagement and conversions because of how tangible the form of interaction is. When you take the time to start sending print and paper to your potential customers’ mailboxes, it becomes easier to stay at the top of their minds until they purchase what you’re offering!


When it comes to standing out and helping your business rake in more leads, conversions, and profit, marketing is a valuable aspect to consider, which is where direct mail marketing can be especially advantageous. If you want to provide your business with a competitive edge and help it succeed and ascend to the next level, then the strategy in question is the way to go! If you're looking for a trustworthy company that can help your direct mail advertising strategy take off, KTS in Edmonton, AB, has got you covered. Get in touch with us today so we can help you get started!