Direct Mail Communicates with People!

January 15, 2021
Direct Mail
Direct Mail

Direct Mail Communicates with People!

Use direct mail to grab and hold people’s attention. Consumers are bombarded with a staggering 6,000 to 10,000 marketing messages per day. With all the marketing noise out there, they’ve become skilled at tuning it out. Direct mail is a powerful tool that combines data-driven marketing with the power of a physical piece to cut through the noise and reach consumers. Not only is this a great tool for customer acquisition, it’s also highly effective for driving customer retention. Why? Because it drives action. The numbers don’t lie:

– 92 percent of Canadians read direct mail

– 88 percent of Canadians visit a store or go online after receiving a direct mail piece

– 51 percent of people will purchase in-store or online after receiving a direct mail piece

Find and engage the right customers

The first step in improving customer retention is to find and focus on the right customers. You already know you need to reach consumers at home, but did you know that Canada Post reaches all 15M households in Canada? That includes exclusive access to condos and apartments. Canada Post also has the largest geolocation targeting database in the country. You have the opportunity to use your own data and also overlay third-party data to reach your target audience with a highly relevant message. Direct mail gets you in the door, where you can connect in an impactful way and demonstrate the value of your brand – attention leads to retention.

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